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I have been busy writing a weekly blog for A1 Coaching, an online cycling coaching website.  If you are interested in road bikes, mountain bikes, bike racing, nutrition, physiotherapy, cycling training, DIY and some of life’s little challenges, you may find you will also like the links below.

Week 1: “Detrained to Peak Fitness”  This post is the first of many, and sets the stall for the thirty weeks.  Goals are set, introductions are made and mistakes happen.  Read on……

Week 2: “New Beginnings and Old Problems”  This one looks into the aftermath from Round one of the Gravity Mountain Biking Enduro, it marks the start of my training plan with A1 Coaching and a trip to Glasgow.  Read on…….

Week 3: “Blog Number 3; First TT”  Introduction to the world of time trialling, family life, life cycle, race cancellations and home improvements.  Read on……

Week 4: “Episode three of Making a Biker”  This one dips into Heart Rate Thresholds, Coachford Classic-post race analysis, Burning matches, training blips and more.  Read on…..

Week 5:  “Back on the Horse”  More TT action, Garmin gadgets, The BikeFit Physio unveiled, Anaerobic hill repeats and other scientific training info.  Read on…….

Week 6: “Less of a Fred”  Take the Fred Test, more training in the form of pyramidal HIIT, more mountain bike trail discoveries and falls.  Read on…….

Week 7:  “I’m only happy when I’m going down!”  Tales from Round 2 of the Enduro Series, Cork City Marathon, Strength exercises for Cyclists.  Read on……

Week 8: “Come on you boys in Green”  Action from the Euros and the Tour de Burren, new home DIY, queries around creatine.  Read on……

Week 9:  “Stand up for the Caumshingaun”  More highlights from the Euros, meeting the legendary John Lenihan, the mountain man from Kerry, and introducing a new section to the blog on cycling injuries and examining case studies from The BikeFit Physio Clinic.  Read on…….

Week 10:  “Your Bottom Bracket is Proper Screwed” My experience in writing after completing the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle on a Cork City Commuter Bike! Plus, assessment of hip flexor/Glutes relationship.  Read on…..

Week 11:  “Bike Set-Up; Nuggets of Info, Part 1”  This blog is full of information around your bike fit and also contains a video showing an effective exercise to do off the bike.  Read on…..

Week 12:  “Nuggets of Info,Part 2”  More info on bike injuries/issues using a patient case study, and more on my training exploits.  Read on….

Week 13:  “Sweatin’ in the Kitchen”  Contains a video on normal movement at the low back and explanation of how important this is, more on the previous client and his injuries.  Read on….

Week 14:  “Priming the Pelvis”  Another video of moi on the bike showing you the best pelvic position, time trial results, beetroot juice benefits and a wedding in Cornwall.  Read on….

Week 15:  “From Base to Build”  Making the transition from the base training plan to the build plan, more cycling injury rehab through a new case study and professionally taken photos from The BikeFit Physio Clinic.  Read on…..

Week 16&17:  “Classic Kelly”  Finally got to meet the Boss man Sean Kelly under funny circumstances, feedback from the Tour of Waterford and repeat of the Threshold heart rate test.  Read on….

Week 18&19:  “Attack and GO!”  Lots happening during these two weeks, late August to early Sept 2016.  First year wedding anniversary for myself and Aisling, new personal best in the Tuesday Time Trial, marshaling the race around Ireland at 2am in Kinsale, a video on ITB pain in cyclists and goes without saying, more training!  Read on…

Week 20&21:  “Do you know your Energy Systems?”  This blog is devoted to the energy systems used by the body to make it move.  Phosphocreatine system, anaerobic glycolysis and aerobic glycolysis.  Understand these and you will open up a whole new meaning to training and nutrition.  Read on….

Weeks 22-25:  “Peak Training and Tendon Tantrums”.  The move from the build training phase to the peak phase in preparation for the race on November 20th, also contains my one and only attempt at 40km in under 70mins.  However, the main event is the importance of understanding “what tendons want”!  I use analogies to allow easy uptake on how to look after your tendons.  Check out the video produced in the kitchen on achilles tendinopathy management. Read on…..

Weeks 26-30:  “Final Blog, The Race, The Result, The Reason”.  I wont give away what happens, read on to find out!


John Phelan

Chartered Physiotherapist and Nutritionist