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Nutriphysio – What is it all about?

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Welcome to my blog.  This blog is in association with Lifefit Physio and The Bikefit Physio.

Nutriphysio is an informative website which offers essential information and easy to understand advice on all things health, fitness and physiotherapy.

I’m John and I will be keeping this site ticking over with regular articles based on up-to-date research in the areas of physiotherapy, fitness, diet and health.  It is my mission to present this information in an easy to understand fashion, bordering on entertaining reading material, at times!  As a registered Physiotherapist and an Associate Nutritionist, I am in a position to combine the two areas creating a general go-to site for overall wellbeing.  I hope to use creative and humorous analogies to describe some of the hard-to-handle scientific language that we are bombarded with day in day out.  My goal is to enable you the reader, to empower yourself with knowledge, which will allow you to make better informed lifestyle choices thereafter.

I have spent the last 7 years working in Scotland as a Physiotherapist, the plan to return home to Ireland came to fruition on December 23rd last year.  So far so good, it must be said.



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